Things You Have to Know About iPhone X

Many people want to have such a great gadget like iPhone X. Of course, this smartphone becomes a dream for many people, as it is supported with many great technologies that make the smartphone becomes very sophisticated. Before you decide to buy this smartphone and use it as your gadget, it would be better for you to know some information about the specifications of this smartphone.

iPhone X Specifications and Details

Actually, this smartphone was released in September 2017 and already get the great responses from people around the world. For more details information about this, you can read the following information of iPhone X.

  • Network

All of you might need the fastest network for your data access. Currently, the fastest one is the 4G LTE network and not all smartphone is already supported with 4G LTE. One of the newest smartphone with 4G LTE as the network is iPhone X. It means that this smartphone will be ready to support you with great access by the support of 4G LTE.

  • Connectivity

The other thing that can make you fall in love more with this smartphone is the availability to connect to another gadget easily. You can get the support of Wi-Fi, Digital Compass, and many more. That connectivity will help you easier in data transferring and also easier in detecting location.

  • Display

The display of this smartphone will also make you feel satisfied with the interface. It will provide you clean screen and also good in resolution. The resolution of this smartphone is 1125×2436 pixels. Meanwhile, for the size of the screen is about 2.80 inches.

  • Memory and Hardware

You also have to know better about the specification or memory and the hardware of this gadget. For the RAM, it is supported with 3GB memory. Meanwhile, for the storage, it is supported with 64GB for the internal and there is no additional storage. For the processor of this smartphone, iPhone X is supported with a hexa-core processor which will be ready to support your works in a faster way.

  • Camera

For the camera, it is supported with Dual LED flash and clears enough camera in both of the rears and also a front camera. The rear camera is about 12MP and the front camera is 7MP. The ability of the cam makes the result of the cam is great and clear. So, if you are interested in buying this smartphone, you will not be disappointed with the ability of the camera.

  • Design

This is the other interesting point of iPhone X. Based on the color; you can have two choices and choose which one is the best for you. Meanwhile, for the whole design, you do not need to worry about anything, since the design of this smartphone is worthy enough and classy enough as your gadget.

  • Battery

The battery of this gadget is having good support of the performance. You do not need to be worry about how long your smartphone will stay for the whole day. As you can save the battery wisely, it will stay longer.

Price of This Sophisticated iPhone X

Of course, the price is the other information that you have to know after reading the details of the specifications of iPhone X. For those great details and specifications, you can bet that the price will be enough expensive. Of course, it follows the high-technology that is used in this smartphone. Then, how much does it cost?

The price of iPhone X is about $999, which will make you need to gain more if your saving has not reached this limit. Then, are you ready to buy this smartphone? If you really want to have iPhone X as your gadget, please be ready for the price!