Smadav Free and Smadav Pro Basic Functions


Smadav Pro may be the best option for some computer users. If you are an active computer user who is already familiar with some antivirus programs, you must know Smadav. In most cases, users may choose the free service, which is claimed to deliver quite a satisfying outcome. But you may wonder whether you should stay with the free service or you upgrade the service to the paid one. Here are some things to know before you make the decision.

Smadav and Its Features

Smadav is an antivirus software designed to provide a solid backup and support to the existing main antivirus program. What does it mean? It means that you should have a main antivirus program and then add Smadav 2020 Antivirus for the extra protection. The main antivirus is meant to provide complete and total protection to your computer system. And then Smadav can provide the extra needed protection so you can have a safer working environment and a stronger software.

Does it mean that you can’t use Smadav as your main antivirus program? Yes, that’s right. You can’t use Smadav as your main protection system unless you are willing to take the risks. Despite the benefits, the program lacks some of the crucial antivirus features. For instance, it is only able to detect familiar folders or files. If it encounters any unfamiliar folders or files, it may skip and miss it. A lot of users have complained about the program ignoring some suspicious files – and it can jeopardize your system and its safety. Moreover, the program doesn’t have all of the crucial features. Sure, it is able to provide a real-time update but it doesn’t have any other powerful features and specifications.

About Smadav Pro

So, what about Smadav Pro, for a change? Will you be able to use it as the main protective system in your computer? Unfortunately, the Pro version isn’t too much different from the free service. Yes, it is a paid service and yes, it offers more and complete features, but there is nothing much to expect from it.

Smadav Pro 2019

In the general retrospect, you can enjoy the automatic update, the color and theme change, the anti ransomware protection, the ability to hide update message, and such thing alike. But that’s about it. If you are looking for a stronger antivirus with an impressive security system, be ready to be disappointed because you won’t find such a thing from Smadav – not even Smadav Pro version.


The question is: Should you update your Smadav to the Pro version or should you stick to the free service? It depends on your preference. If you feel that the free service is already good enough for your protection needs, then you should continue with it. If you think that the free service is still lacking and you believe that the Pro version is able to deliver better performance, then you can upgrade it.

All in all, the decision to choose which antivirus program depends solely on you. Which type to choose (the free or the paid one) also depends on you. If you think that Smadav Pro can deliver the perfect performance as you want, then go with it.