How To Use Lemongrass In Culinary, 5 Ways!

Lemongrass In Culinary

Lemongrass is a stalk plant which easily found in a tropical area, especially in the south side of Asia. If you go to most Asian grocery stores, you must see it lay in the fresh herbs area. Asian people usually add lemongrass in their cooking. They know very well how to use lemongrass, so it gives a zesty lemon aroma and flavor.

How to Use Lemongrass in Culinary As Asian Does

Indonesian, Thai, Sri Lanka, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and other Asian dishes use lemongrass in the soup or dessert. Sometimes it is served with spicy food or fresh sour taste. In addition, besides being used in the kitchen, lemongrass is also valued for medicine. There are wide varieties of herbal medicine that contains lemongrass. But in this article, we only discuss how to use lemongrass in Asian dishes. See the tips below:

  • Cutting in Small Pieces

You can use the entire part of lemongrass, except for the lower bulb. You must cut that lower part in about 2 inches from the end. After that, the rest is yours, starts from the leaves until the stalk. Cut into small pieces or depend on the dish. Some people cut the stalk in larger pieces and not to be eaten. It is considered for a stronger flavor before serving.

  • Discard the Dry Parts

Sometimes you find one or two lemongrasses with dried leaves or stalk. It is okay, just discard that part which usually found at the bottom of the stalk. If the lemongrass is too long placed out of the refrigerator, it is often the inner stalk that gets dried too. Also, trim the root is commonly done until the purple ring appears.

  • Refine with Food Processor

The structure of lemongrass is so firm and fibrous. It is better for you to process in a little further using a food processor (or chopper). Or, if you don’t have those machines, just use the pestle and pound it. Do this after you sliced the lemongrass. The thicker slice is sometimes difficult to eat. It makes someone who is enjoying your dish will spit it out of the dish.

  • Boil the Lemongrass

As mentioned before, you can use the whole part of the lemongrass. Following this method is usually done by people in making lemongrass tea. But you can also find this in Asian soup. Choose the tougher part and boil it for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can keep the rest for another cooking.

  • Looping Leaves into the Rings

This is the other method of how to use lemongrass. When you find the dried lemongrass leaves, try to loop into the rings and hanging them. Once you make a soup or tea, add the rings into the pan or pot. Some people prefer to use dried leaves because it works in a savory broth and tasteless punch.

Thinking on Planting Lemongrass

Although you can store-bought lemongrass, some might want to grow it in the backyard. To do that, it will be better if you can mimic its natural environment, which is a tropical climate. But if it’s hard to do, there are several ways you can do to make this plant survive. Thus, you can get this herb in its fresh condition any time, after knowing how to harvest lemongrass.

Aside from cooking, there are many ways on how to use lemongrass. Because of its benefits, people also use it for its fragrant for aromatherapy and also beauty. Not to mention, it’s beneficial for health.

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HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Review and 7 Best Things of It!

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn

When you work in the office, printing is one of the essential tasks you have to do. Without printing, tasks such as sending files and doing presentation won’t be done. Hence, your office needs a printer that suits your necessity. What is it? Drop your choice on HP LaserJet Pro M130fn.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Features

Let’s take a look at the features!

All-In-One Machine

Yes, when you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fn, you won’t get a mere printing device. Moreover, you’ll get a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine altogether. While most companies have separate machines to do these jobs, your office would be lucky to buy an all-in-one machine.

Aside from saving the space, using this all-in-one printer will help save energy even well. Rather than paying electricity bills for 4 machines, you just need to pay for one.

Work Efficiently

The primary feature HP LaserJet Pro M130fn has is to work efficiently. You don’t need to question its printing capability. It could print up to 23 papers per minute, with the first out paper on 7.3 seconds. The resolution is also good, with a maximum of 1200 dpi. Meanwhile, the copier, as well as the scanner and fax, have the same quality. In short, every device on this printer has the capability to make works done faster.

Laser Printing Technology

Are you still using a conventional printing machine? Go get yourself a new HP LaserJet Pro M130fn. Like the name, this printer allows you to print with laser technology. This technology would help you print works even clearer. Since the method of laser printing nearly the same with the scanner. So if you love to get detailed pictures on your printings, choosing this printer is the best way you can do.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Specs

Jet Intelligence Cartridge

Aside from the laser technology, all HP printers – including HP LaserJet Pro M130fn – have an innovation called the JetIntelligence technology. JetIntelligence is applied on the cartridge just like its AI. If you use printers with the technology, you don’t need to worry about damaging your cartridge. When the ink on the cartridge is used up, your printer will refuse to print. The cartridge would stay still until you fill up the ink.

Best Resolution Scanning Image

Want to have a scanner that allows you to scan a wide image? This printer could do it just by a flip-and-click. You just need to flip the opener, put the paper you want to scan and wait some seconds. Tada! Not only could do fast printing, but HP LaserJet Pro M130fn also can give you a scanned image with high resolution.

Astonishing Monthly Capabilities

When you’re choosing a printer for office use, make sure it could cope up with your office’s duty. This awesome printer could do it, of course. It could print up to 10 thousand papers in a month. The scanner, as well as the copier, also has the same capability. And I tell you, the fax machine could save documents up to 1000 pages.

Energy Saving

Last but I’m sure you’ll think it’s important: HP LaserJet Pro M130fn is a tremendous energy saver. When it’s on sleep mode, it just uses 1-watt electricity. Cool, right?

That’s all the seven features you can get when you choose this printer. So no need to be doubted anymore and go to the HP store right now!

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Cool Ideas Instagram Captions For Promotion

Instagram Captions For Promotion

Nowadays, online promotion is more popular than the offline promotion. Especially, with the help of social media like Instagram and also Youtube, you can write zero in the promotional budget. The reason is this media can display visual for both picture and video. Not to mention, Instagram captions also have a significant role in displaying the message you want to convey.

Many people take advantage of Instagram to promote, either commercial or non-commercial. Because of Instagram has more than one billion active users engaging in each month, the chance of more people would see the promotion post is getting bigger. And while posting a promotional post, you should never leave the caption section bare. You can optimize the promotion by utilizing the caption.

Instagram Captions For Promotion

To do that, here some cool ideas to write the caption for your promotional Instagram post:

  1. Be Engaging


The first rule in posting a promotion content in Instagram is that you should engage the people in general – your followers or passerby to your post. For example, you have an apparel shop, and as spring is coming, you’re posting some outfit pictures. Then in the caption section, you can include a simple question such as ‘… so tell us which one is spring outfit fave: 1, 2, 3, or 4?’ or ask them to put leave some comment if there are none of their choices. And also, try to reply the comment as often as you can.  

  1. Witty and Smart Caption

To make your brand more appealing, you have to appear smart and intelligence in what you post. One sure thing you can do is by writing some witty caption. Some illustration you may try is writing a famous quote or song lyric which people know, but stir it in your style. Or you may also give a hint or sassy. For instance, if you’re trying to sell perfume, you can write ‘… a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it’s time to get you other fragrant…’ in the caption.

  1. Story Telling

Story Telling

Another idea to write a good Instagram caption for promotion is by story-telling. This method is suitable for many uses in promotional posts. If you’re trying to lure audience for some charity gigs, then you can tell the purpose of why and for whom you held the event.  Or if it’s about commercial promotion, tell a particular story about someone with the product and its impact. It can be a heartwarming story or funny story, depend on how you want to deliver it.

  1. Address the Readers as Second Person

The last idea in this list is to address the people who read your caption in second person pronoun. That way, it will build closeness and make a connection. People would feel included as if you’re in direct conversation with them. This can lead your post to get more response because of the direct-but-indirect caption slash conversation you write.

You can try to apply the ideas from the list above to make your Instagram captions for promotion. Another good strategy point in promoting your product is to build a fanbase. This strategy often used by authors, filmmakers, and others. With building a fanbase, you would create an exclusive world that would attract more people to want to be a part of it.

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The Best Way To Fix Youtube Freezing In Browser

Youtube Freezing

Since watching youtube is a new way to entertain your self, all browser may tired and make the video doesn’t run well. Sometimes it freezes and makes the audio heard without the picture. But don’t worry if you face this problem, because there are some steps to fix the youtube freezing problem.

How To Fix Youtube Freezing In Browser

Reload The Page

The easiest thing to do first is reloading the page, or reboot the browser. This is like a spontaneous thing that may occur when there is trouble while browsing. Here are some steps to do that.

  1. Press Reload. In chrome browser, reload button is on the left side, near the address bar. Click it once, and wait for the result. This button doesn’t need to press twice or more. Because the more you click it, the process may restart again and again. Then the page will slower to load.
  2. Wait And See. This process may take some seconds or minutes. It depends on the network or wifi speed. If the video still not run well, then try the next step.

Reboot The Browser

Reboot The Browser

When the first tips not work, and the youtube still freezing, try to reboot the browser. There is a simple step to do this.

  1. Close Browser. Save all of your works before closing the browser. After that, press the close button, on the right side of the screen. Wait for a few seconds before opening it again.
  2. Open Browser Again. The next steps to do is opening the browser. Click on the browser icon at the desktop or from program panel. Wait until the program is run well.
  3. Open A Youtube Video. The last things to do is typing the youtube address. After that, try to open a video. If it still stuck, try to access another website which contains video too.

Just in case the problem is not on your computer. If all website still freezing like Youtube, you may try the last tips below.

Clear Cache And Cookies

Cache and cookies will always increase every time you access the website. And sometime when it full or almost full, it will affect the browser ‘s works. One problem that may be happening is the youtube freezing moment. Follow these steps to clear the cache and cookies in chrome.

  1. Press Menu or Setting Button. The menu button in chrome is located on the right side of the address bar. In the bottom of the close button. Click this button and, you will see some options. Such as new tab, new window, history, download, and etc. Choose a setting button in this menu options, and click it.
  2. Find The “Clear Browsing Data” Button. Then, there will be a new page that contains the setting. Scroll it down, and press advanced button. There you can see the button. You can click it, then check the boxes that contain some statement. They are about clearing browsing data, cookies and cached files.
  3. Confirm Clear Data. Then, confirm to delete by pressing the clear data button. Wait for a second, this process may take some seconds to minutes depending on the amount of data erased.

After finishing these tips, reboot browser and then try to reopen youtube videos. Make sure your connection is strong and good enough to load the data from videos. Then, your youtube freezing problem is gone.

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Smadav Free and Smadav Pro Basic Functions


Smadav Pro may be the best option for some computer users. If you are an active computer user who is already familiar with some antivirus programs, you must know Smadav. In most cases, users may choose the free service, which is claimed to deliver quite a satisfying outcome. But you may wonder whether you should stay with the free service or you upgrade the service to the paid one. Here are some things to know before you make the decision.

Smadav and Its Features

Smadav is an antivirus software designed to provide a solid backup and support to the existing main antivirus program. What does it mean? It means that you should have a main antivirus program and then add Smadav 2020 Antivirus for the extra protection. The main antivirus is meant to provide complete and total protection to your computer system. And then Smadav can provide the extra needed protection so you can have a safer working environment and a stronger software.

Does it mean that you can’t use Smadav as your main antivirus program? Yes, that’s right. You can’t use Smadav as your main protection system unless you are willing to take the risks. Despite the benefits, the program lacks some of the crucial antivirus features. For instance, it is only able to detect familiar folders or files. If it encounters any unfamiliar folders or files, it may skip and miss it. A lot of users have complained about the program ignoring some suspicious files – and it can jeopardize your system and its safety. Moreover, the program doesn’t have all of the crucial features. Sure, it is able to provide a real-time update but it doesn’t have any other powerful features and specifications.

About Smadav Pro

So, what about Smadav Pro, for a change? Will you be able to use it as the main protective system in your computer? Unfortunately, the Pro version isn’t too much different from the free service. Yes, it is a paid service and yes, it offers more and complete features, but there is nothing much to expect from it.

Smadav Pro 2019

In the general retrospect, you can enjoy the automatic update, the color and theme change, the anti ransomware protection, the ability to hide update message, and such thing alike. But that’s about it. If you are looking for a stronger antivirus with an impressive security system, be ready to be disappointed because you won’t find such a thing from Smadav – not even Smadav Pro version.


The question is: Should you update your Smadav to the Pro version or should you stick to the free service? It depends on your preference. If you feel that the free service is already good enough for your protection needs, then you should continue with it. If you think that the free service is still lacking and you believe that the Pro version is able to deliver better performance, then you can upgrade it.

All in all, the decision to choose which antivirus program depends solely on you. Which type to choose (the free or the paid one) also depends on you. If you think that Smadav Pro can deliver the perfect performance as you want, then go with it.

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[Answer] How To Calibrate iPhone Battery

Do you possess iPhone and search the way How To Calibrate iPhone Battery? Well, you have just visited the right site and found the right article to read. Perhaps, you have just bought an iPhone and don’t know how to calibrate its battery. Don’t worry. This article comes to show how.

Since iPhone has a feature of remarkable long live battery, you will have a peak experience about the battery calibration. Aside from the way you calibrate the battery, it is very important to do the calibration to the phone’s battery. Now let’s check some more information about it.

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery:

Why Do You Need to Calibrate the iPhone Battery?

Before we go further on How To Calibrate iPhone Battery, it’s better to find out the reason why you need to calibrate the battery. Well, the battery conditions will actually determine how long you will be able to use the phone. In addition, some new features added to the phone much influence the battery life. Those some additional features cause the battery fully drains and needs recharging. Thus, you need to calibrate the battery to check the full range of battery life.

Some people are not aware too much about calibrating the battery. However, let me say that battery calibration much improve the battery life so that you can best use the phone longer and enjoy the exciting features of the phone optimally.

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery

How to calibrate iPhone battery, there are some steps you must carry out.

  • The first and early step is to drain the battery up to 2% life left. You can do the step by keeping using the phone endlessly. Perhaps, before bedtime is the right moment to drain the phone’s battery.
  • The second step you have to know is to let the phone for at least 12 hours without being charged. This is very helpful to drain the battery into zero points.
  • The third way is to shut off the phone. As you already knew that charging the phone is better when the phone is in “OFF” position.
  • The fourth way, it’s time to let your phone start charging. Be ready to plug in the phone into the charger and charge the phone up to 100% full.
  • The fifth step says that let your phone keep charging although it has reached 100%.
  • When you think the charging process is more than it is recommended, let your phone starts up to get back to online.
  • Hold down the sleep/wake button and slide to switch off. Thus, your phone will start recharging again to go beyond 100%.
  • Although the phone can be fully charged in two hours, recharging it two hours more which means it can be four hours will spring the mind that the phone’s battery would last longer.
  • After your phone is 100% full of battery lie, reset your phone by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button.
  • Remove the charger’s cable well.


Overall, it is very easy to implement how to calibrate iPhone battery. Make sure you always calibrate the battery to get the longer use of the battery.

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How To Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark

It must be very annoying to see a watermark every tie you start up your Windows 10 of your computer right? Thus, tell me you have known How To Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark. Watermark comes to mess your desktop picture. Do you want to remove it? Definitely, you do, don’t you?

There are typically some tricks to remove or get rid of the watermark on Windows 10. This time, you don’t have to take much time to read and understand the tricks, just give me not more than 10 minutes and you will get such information how to be completely free from an activate Windows 10 watermark. Scroll down the page and check the only two best tricks below:

How To Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark:

Trick 1: Create a Backup

The first trick you must try is to create a backup. This very great idea since it requires you to replace some of your files system. In this trick, you need to:

  1. Download the files and save them through ZIP file. You can download the zip file software from your browser by typing on the search engine “Download Zip File”.
  2. The second thing you must do is to download the file, open it soon and extract all of its content to your computer.
  3. Next is to open your extracted directory and go to “Take Ownership”. In this way, you must locate “Install_Take_Ownership.reg” file.
  4. Double click the file.
  5. The fifth thing you must go for the next step is to do left-click on YES to continue the operation. This step must be done when you see “Registry Editor” popping up on your window.

Now that you have taken your ownership by the .reg file, you have known one of the ways How To remove activate Windows 10 watermark. If this trick doesn’t work well for you, it is suggested that you check out the second track below.

Trick 2: Use Your Registry Editor

The second trick you can try to remove the activate watermark on your Windows 10 is to use your registry editor. Follow these procedures:

  1. Look for the key “Windows Key + R”
  2. Enter “regedit” to make some changes.
  3. Tap on “Enter” and then you must click “OK”.
  4. When you are seeing Registry Editor” Opens up, look at the left pane on your window. You must go to “ComputerHKEY_CURENT_USERC PanelDesktop”.
  5. The next step is to look for the right pane to make double click on “PaintDesktopVersion”
  6. Afterward, you are required to set the “Value Data” to zero points (0) and then click “OK”. It is aimed to save the changes.
  7. If you are finished with these steps, restart your PC.
  8. Look! You are free from any activate Windows 10 watermark.


Overall, anything that you feel it is much annoying can be removed from your PC to enjoy working with the Windows. The 2 best tricks How To Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark described above are expected to be able to help you if you want to completely remove the watermarks.

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