HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Review and 7 Best Things of It!

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn

When you work in the office, printing is one of the essential tasks you have to do. Without printing, tasks such as sending files and doing presentation won’t be done. Hence, your office needs a printer that suits your necessity. What is it? Drop your choice on HP LaserJet Pro M130fn.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Features

Let’s take a look at the features!

All-In-One Machine

Yes, when you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fn, you won’t get a mere printing device. Moreover, you’ll get a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine altogether. While most companies have separate machines to do these jobs, your office would be lucky to buy an all-in-one machine.

Aside from saving the space, using this all-in-one printer will help save energy even well. Rather than paying electricity bills for 4 machines, you just need to pay for one.

Work Efficiently

The primary feature HP LaserJet Pro M130fn has is to work efficiently. You don’t need to question its printing capability. It could print up to 23 papers per minute, with the first out paper on 7.3 seconds. The resolution is also good, with a maximum of 1200 dpi. Meanwhile, the copier, as well as the scanner and fax, have the same quality. In short, every device on this printer has the capability to make works done faster.

Laser Printing Technology

Are you still using a conventional printing machine? Go get yourself a new HP LaserJet Pro M130fn. Like the name, this printer allows you to print with laser technology. This technology would help you print works even clearer. Since the method of laser printing nearly the same with the scanner. So if you love to get detailed pictures on your printings, choosing this printer is the best way you can do.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Specs

Jet Intelligence Cartridge

Aside from the laser technology, all HP printers – including HP LaserJet Pro M130fn – have an innovation called the JetIntelligence technology. JetIntelligence is applied on the cartridge just like its AI. If you use printers with the technology, you don’t need to worry about damaging your cartridge. When the ink on the cartridge is used up, your printer will refuse to print. The cartridge would stay still until you fill up the ink.

Best Resolution Scanning Image

Want to have a scanner that allows you to scan a wide image? This printer could do it just by a flip-and-click. You just need to flip the opener, put the paper you want to scan and wait some seconds. Tada! Not only could do fast printing, but HP LaserJet Pro M130fn also can give you a scanned image with high resolution.

Astonishing Monthly Capabilities

When you’re choosing a printer for office use, make sure it could cope up with your office’s duty. This awesome printer could do it, of course. It could print up to 10 thousand papers in a month. The scanner, as well as the copier, also has the same capability. And I tell you, the fax machine could save documents up to 1000 pages.

Energy Saving

Last but I’m sure you’ll think it’s important: HP LaserJet Pro M130fn is a tremendous energy saver. When it’s on sleep mode, it just uses 1-watt electricity. Cool, right?

That’s all the seven features you can get when you choose this printer. So no need to be doubted anymore and go to the HP store right now!