[Answer] How To Calibrate iPhone Battery

Do you possess iPhone and search the way How To Calibrate iPhone Battery? Well, you have just visited the right site and found the right article to read. Perhaps, you have just bought an iPhone and don’t know how to calibrate its battery. Don’t worry. This article comes to show how.

Since iPhone has a feature of remarkable long live battery, you will have a peak experience about the battery calibration. Aside from the way you calibrate the battery, it is very important to do the calibration to the phone’s battery. Now let’s check some more information about it.

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery:

Why Do You Need to Calibrate the iPhone Battery?

Before we go further on How To Calibrate iPhone Battery, it’s better to find out the reason why you need to calibrate the battery. Well, the battery conditions will actually determine how long you will be able to use the phone. In addition, some new features added to the phone much influence the battery life. Those some additional features cause the battery fully drains and needs recharging. Thus, you need to calibrate the battery to check the full range of battery life.

Some people are not aware too much about calibrating the battery. However, let me say that battery calibration much improve the battery life so that you can best use the phone longer and enjoy the exciting features of the phone optimally.

How To Calibrate iPhone Battery

How to calibrate iPhone battery, there are some steps you must carry out.

  • The first and early step is to drain the battery up to 2% life left. You can do the step by keeping using the phone endlessly. Perhaps, before bedtime is the right moment to drain the phone’s battery.
  • The second step you have to know is to let the phone for at least 12 hours without being charged. This is very helpful to drain the battery into zero points.
  • The third way is to shut off the phone. As you already knew that charging the phone is better when the phone is in “OFF” position.
  • The fourth way, it’s time to let your phone start charging. Be ready to plug in the phone into the charger and charge the phone up to 100% full.
  • The fifth step says that let your phone keep charging although it has reached 100%.
  • When you think the charging process is more than it is recommended, let your phone starts up to get back to online.
  • Hold down the sleep/wake button and slide to switch off. Thus, your phone will start recharging again to go beyond 100%.
  • Although the phone can be fully charged in two hours, recharging it two hours more which means it can be four hours will spring the mind that the phone’s battery would last longer.
  • After your phone is 100% full of battery lie, reset your phone by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button.
  • Remove the charger’s cable well.


Overall, it is very easy to implement how to calibrate iPhone battery. Make sure you always calibrate the battery to get the longer use of the battery.