Galaxy Tab S4; High-Technology Gadget for You

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 becomes one of the most favorite gadgets in this era. As the predicate that follows this gadget, of course, it has many great things as the specifications. Of course, it is counted as one of the best tabs in this era and you should know more about this gadget before you decide to choose the others. Then, what are the great technologies behind this gadget?

Great Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Things that make people love a certain gadget are the specifications. As one of the newest gadgets from Samsung, of course, Galaxy Tab S4 has good support from its specifications which are very high-technology. Then, what are the specifications of this new Samsung Galaxy tab S4?

  • Camera

If you are curious about the camera of this tab, you have to know that it is supported with the main camera and front camera. For the main camera, the resolution is about 13MP; meanwhile, the front camera is 8MP with 1080p. It also gets the support of LED flash and you can get the clear result of this camera.

  • System

The main system that is used in this tab is Android 8.1 or Oreo. By the newest version of Android, of course, this tab will be far away better in work than the other previous tabs from Samsung.

  • Memory

The other important thing that you cannot forget about the specifications of this tab is about having microSD with the slot memory up to 512 GB. Meanwhile, for the internal memory, it is available for 64 or 256 GB choice. For the RAM itself, it is quite big, which is 4 GB and even available for 6 GB in Korea.

  • Display

The display is the other interesting point of this gadget. As you have to measure whether this gadget is having a clear display or not, you have to know that the type of the screen in this gadget is Super AMOLED touchscreen. The size of the screen is about 10.5 inches with 1600 x 2560 pixels as the ratio.

  • Dimensions

How is about the size of the tab itself? Actually, the size of this gadget is 249.3 x 164.3 x 7.7 mm and the weight is about 482g. It has quite a friendly size for tab users.

  • Connectivity

Besides having basic services, of course, this gadget also has more interesting access by supported with several features. It supports Wi-Fi, which will make you available to connect with the public network wherever you are in the public areas. It also makes you available to connect with the other gadget by using Bluetooth. You also can use GPS, USB 3.1 and Radio as well.

  • Features

Of course, knowing the features of this gadget would be the other important thing to know. You have to know about what you can get from this gadget more by knowing its feature. For your information, this gadget is supported with SMS, MMS, Email and many more.

Meanwhile, for the sensors, it is featured with an Iris scanner, gyro, compass, proximity, and accelerometer. You also can get the other features which are document editor that support print, and video or music player.

  • Battery and Color Choices

For the battery, this gadget is using non-removable Li-Po 7300 mAh battery which will be available for fast battery charging. It also lasts longer for more than a day. Meanwhile, for the color choices, you can choose between black and white colors.

Price of Galaxy Tab S4

After knowing about all details of the specifications of this gadget, you might have some interested feeling toward this gadget. So, the next thing that you have to know is about the price of this gadget. As this gadget is still new and even released in the last month, the price is still quite expensive. It is about 700 in Euro and you better to check your saving before you buy it.

That information about the specifications and the price of this gadget hopefully can be helpful for you to consider in buying this tab. If you really have your interest in buying this one, hope you can get this gadget soon. That is all the information about Galaxy tab S4. Be ready with its great features and prove it by yourself!