The Best Way To Fix Youtube Freezing In Browser

Youtube Freezing

Since watching youtube is a new way to entertain your self, all browser may tired and make the video doesn’t run well. Sometimes it freezes and makes the audio heard without the picture. But don’t worry if you face this problem, because there are some steps to fix the youtube freezing problem.

How To Fix Youtube Freezing In Browser

Reload The Page

The easiest thing to do first is reloading the page, or reboot the browser. This is like a spontaneous thing that may occur when there is trouble while browsing. Here are some steps to do that.

  1. Press Reload. In chrome browser, reload button is on the left side, near the address bar. Click it once, and wait for the result. This button doesn’t need to press twice or more. Because the more you click it, the process may restart again and again. Then the page will slower to load.
  2. Wait And See. This process may take some seconds or minutes. It depends on the network or wifi speed. If the video still not run well, then try the next step.

Reboot The Browser

Reboot The Browser

When the first tips not work, and the youtube still freezing, try to reboot the browser. There is a simple step to do this.

  1. Close Browser. Save all of your works before closing the browser. After that, press the close button, on the right side of the screen. Wait for a few seconds before opening it again.
  2. Open Browser Again. The next steps to do is opening the browser. Click on the browser icon at the desktop or from program panel. Wait until the program is run well.
  3. Open A Youtube Video. The last things to do is typing the youtube address. After that, try to open a video. If it still stuck, try to access another website which contains video too.

Just in case the problem is not on your computer. If all website still freezing like Youtube, you may try the last tips below.

Clear Cache And Cookies

Cache and cookies will always increase every time you access the website. And sometime when it full or almost full, it will affect the browser ‘s works. One problem that may be happening is the youtube freezing moment. Follow these steps to clear the cache and cookies in chrome.

  1. Press Menu or Setting Button. The menu button in chrome is located on the right side of the address bar. In the bottom of the close button. Click this button and, you will see some options. Such as new tab, new window, history, download, and etc. Choose a setting button in this menu options, and click it.
  2. Find The “Clear Browsing Data” Button. Then, there will be a new page that contains the setting. Scroll it down, and press advanced button. There you can see the button. You can click it, then check the boxes that contain some statement. They are about clearing browsing data, cookies and cached files.
  3. Confirm Clear Data. Then, confirm to delete by pressing the clear data button. Wait for a second, this process may take some seconds to minutes depending on the amount of data erased.

After finishing these tips, reboot browser and then try to reopen youtube videos. Make sure your connection is strong and good enough to load the data from videos. Then, your youtube freezing problem is gone.