Cool Ideas Instagram Captions For Promotion

Instagram Captions For Promotion

Nowadays, online promotion is more popular than the offline promotion. Especially, with the help of social media like Instagram and also Youtube, you can write zero in the promotional budget. The reason is this media can display visual for both picture and video. Not to mention, Instagram captions also have a significant role in displaying the message you want to convey.

Many people take advantage of Instagram to promote, either commercial or non-commercial. Because of Instagram has more than one billion active users engaging in each month, the chance of more people would see the promotion post is getting bigger. And while posting a promotional post, you should never leave the caption section bare. You can optimize the promotion by utilizing the caption.

Instagram Captions For Promotion

To do that, here some cool ideas to write the caption for your promotional Instagram post:

  1. Be Engaging


The first rule in posting a promotion content in Instagram is that you should engage the people in general – your followers or passerby to your post. For example, you have an apparel shop, and as spring is coming, you’re posting some outfit pictures. Then in the caption section, you can include a simple question such as ‘… so tell us which one is spring outfit fave: 1, 2, 3, or 4?’ or ask them to put leave some comment if there are none of their choices. And also, try to reply the comment as often as you can.  

  1. Witty and Smart Caption

To make your brand more appealing, you have to appear smart and intelligence in what you post. One sure thing you can do is by writing some witty caption. Some illustration you may try is writing a famous quote or song lyric which people know, but stir it in your style. Or you may also give a hint or sassy. For instance, if you’re trying to sell perfume, you can write ‘… a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it’s time to get you other fragrant…’ in the caption.

  1. Story Telling

Story Telling

Another idea to write a good Instagram caption for promotion is by story-telling. This method is suitable for many uses in promotional posts. If you’re trying to lure audience for some charity gigs, then you can tell the purpose of why and for whom you held the event.  Or if it’s about commercial promotion, tell a particular story about someone with the product and its impact. It can be a heartwarming story or funny story, depend on how you want to deliver it.

  1. Address the Readers as Second Person

The last idea in this list is to address the people who read your caption in second person pronoun. That way, it will build closeness and make a connection. People would feel included as if you’re in direct conversation with them. This can lead your post to get more response because of the direct-but-indirect caption slash conversation you write.

You can try to apply the ideas from the list above to make your Instagram captions for promotion. Another good strategy point in promoting your product is to build a fanbase. This strategy often used by authors, filmmakers, and others. With building a fanbase, you would create an exclusive world that would attract more people to want to be a part of it.