8 Best Video Editing Apps for Editing Youtube Video

YouTube is the second largest social media with many users streaming on the platform. For that reason, providing YouTube content became a thing and a source of living. Therefore, you have to know the best apps for video editing if you are interested in joining the game. Here is the list of several recommendations that we have for you:

1. Kine Master

Kine Master

Many people dubbed this application as one of the best apps for video editing. It is capable to cut, blend, format, add text, add sounds, and music to video quickly. Unfortunately, there is a watermark in the video created by Kine Master. So, to erase the watermark, you should buy premium services.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

This application is very easy to use, even more in Android. At first, this application was used by professional video editors. But now this application is created for Android and easy to use all of the features. Especially for beginners, it can be easy to grading, transition, and filtering. Thus, you will have more fun to edit.

3. VideoShow


This application is the easiest to operate that you can consider using this app on your phone. Many Android users download this app. You can add the music, text, add sound effects, or make slide shows for the photos on the smartphone.

4. PowerDirector


Another application for beginners at Android is PowerDirector. This application is very easy to use and can create a video with landscape and portrait format. So, for all video editors, it is very important to download this application for Android.

5. Filmorago


This application is one of the best apps for video editing Android. Just choose a video and this application will edit automatically. This application can create a video in an easy way. To do that, you have to record a video and export a video to this application.

6. Quik


This application is the legacy software for GoPro. Designed for action cam, Quik can make a slide video with 50 photos. Also, you can edit photos and videos automatically. Therefore, if you’re using GoPro cam, it goes without saying that you also have to use this app.

7. VivaVideo


For a beginner video editor, VivaVideo is very recommended. Especially blended all photos in the smartphone. There are many kinds of themes in this video. This application will edit automatically. Even more, you can add filtering and music to video. Many teenagers use this application. So, beginners should download this one.

8. Hitfilm Express

This application provides 180 special effects to make a creative video. Some features of this application are compositing tools, color gradation, sound effects, layer, and masking. It supports making video 3D. So, for beginners, let’s try this one. Don’t worry, it feels hard to learn it because there are video tutorials.

9. Davinci Resolve

This application is the most complete application. Davinci Resolve is suitable for beginners until professionals. This application has some attractive features. Such as color correction, motion graphics, audio mixing, and Multicam editing. It’s easy to use, even for beginners.

Those are some of the best apps for video editing for YouTube. So, video can be more interesting and attractive. Even more, if you use a video as digital marketing on social media, making the best video is a must. Therefore, run to Drivers and Software to get these programs.

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Smadav Free and Smadav Pro Basic Functions


Smadav Pro may be the best option for some computer users. If you are an active computer user who is already familiar with some antivirus programs, you must know Smadav. In most cases, users may choose the free service, which is claimed to deliver quite a satisfying outcome. But you may wonder whether you should stay with the free service or you upgrade the service to the paid one. Here are some things to know before you make the decision.

Smadav and Its Features

Smadav is an antivirus software designed to provide a solid backup and support to the existing main antivirus program. What does it mean? It means that you should have a main antivirus program and then add Smadav 2020 Antivirus for the extra protection. The main antivirus is meant to provide complete and total protection to your computer system. And then Smadav can provide the extra needed protection so you can have a safer working environment and a stronger software.

Does it mean that you can’t use Smadav as your main antivirus program? Yes, that’s right. You can’t use Smadav as your main protection system unless you are willing to take the risks. Despite the benefits, the program lacks some of the crucial antivirus features. For instance, it is only able to detect familiar folders or files. If it encounters any unfamiliar folders or files, it may skip and miss it. A lot of users have complained about the program ignoring some suspicious files – and it can jeopardize your system and its safety. Moreover, the program doesn’t have all of the crucial features. Sure, it is able to provide a real-time update but it doesn’t have any other powerful features and specifications.

About Smadav Pro

So, what about Smadav Pro, for a change? Will you be able to use it as the main protective system in your computer? Unfortunately, the Pro version isn’t too much different from the free service. Yes, it is a paid service and yes, it offers more and complete features, but there is nothing much to expect from it.

Smadav Pro 2019

In the general retrospect, you can enjoy the automatic update, the color and theme change, the anti ransomware protection, the ability to hide update message, and such thing alike. But that’s about it. If you are looking for a stronger antivirus with an impressive security system, be ready to be disappointed because you won’t find such a thing from Smadav – not even Smadav Pro version.


The question is: Should you update your Smadav to the Pro version or should you stick to the free service? It depends on your preference. If you feel that the free service is already good enough for your protection needs, then you should continue with it. If you think that the free service is still lacking and you believe that the Pro version is able to deliver better performance, then you can upgrade it.

All in all, the decision to choose which antivirus program depends solely on you. Which type to choose (the free or the paid one) also depends on you. If you think that Smadav Pro can deliver the perfect performance as you want, then go with it.

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3 Best Office and Business Software For Your Office PC

Are you a person with a high career? Tell me you want to have Best Office and Business Tool on your PC. To help you do easily your work as well as organize it, office and business tool software are really necessary.

Moreover, if you set yourself at the computer for most of the day, this software will be very useful to help you organize, categorize, classified or other things to do related to your job. Make sure you have this suggested software if you spend most of the day in the office.

Best Office and Business Tool:

Apache OpenOffice

The first office and business tool software we recommend is Apache OpenOffice. This software is very much suitable for word processing, databases, graphics, spreadsheet and many more. Many languages are available in this software so that you don’t have to worry about not understanding this software instruction. As one of the Best Office and Business Tool, Apache OpenOffice works best for all types of computers. Again, you don’t have to worry if the software is not compatible with your PC.

Many people install this software since it is very easy to learn. Thus, it suitable for most people either beginner or the more professional employee.

Download this freely at FileHorse. Don’t forget to have more than 127.91 MB space to save the software.

All My Book

If you want to archive, organize, manage, and track your book collection, All My Book is the best to choose. It is because All My Book is easy to use and has a flexible interface. Thus, you can say that this software is the best cataloging software you can adapt to use optimally.

Along with the software program, you will be able to manage your local library without any difficulty. You can choose your private collection by building your own catalog. Although this software has limited functionality aside from library functionality, this software has actually 30 days trial version. Thus, you can learn how to use the software within 30 days.

Download this for free only at 13 MB space.

Adobe Digital Editions

Another Best Office and Business Tool comes to serve you is Adobe Digital Editions. This software is mostly used by most publishers around the world to proof-read their books. It is compatible with the most optimum format across your mobile devices, tablets, PC, and Mac. Along with this software, you will be able to purchase books. The books you are purchasing will automatically appear on all of your devices as long as you have ADE on.

You can also access your eBook in many languages available such as English, Italian, Germany, Dutch, French, Japanese Chinese, Brazilian and many more languages. This Adobe Digital Editions also allow you to borrow eBooks from public libraries. Another great feature from this software you can print to a printer easily your document with this software.


In conclusion, Best Office and Business Tool are very necessary and important to install, particularly for office matter you are running on. It is very proper for those who are working in publishing house as well as those who love books very much.

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Top Recommended DJ Mixer App for Android

Do you have an obsession to be a DJ? If so, you may have understood that buying the DJ stuff can be too much because there are a lot of types of equipment that you have to deal with. Besides, you also need to learn how to play everything and this can be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are DJ apps that you can install on your smartphone devices with interesting features to have fun with. Well, the following list presents the best DJ mixer app for Android that you surely need to try to keep the obsession alive.

Cross DJ

Cross DJ is claimed to be one of the first DJ apps on mobile devices. This one is rich of features so that you can create your own music comprehensively and play with your Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, the app is accurate enough in the BPM detection, track-sync, and beat-grid editing. There are five levels of pitch bending. If you think that the free version does not fulfill your needs, the in-app purchase offers you a lot more features that enable you to enjoy auto and external mixers as well as a bunch of sample packs. The in-app purchase is not cheap, but we have to tell you that this offers you interesting stuff, more than just going ads free.

DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 is one of the best DJ mixer apps for Android with tons of features. The great thing is that the free version, which is the main app, comes with no limitations or watermarks. You can play with eight sound effects and ten sample pads. This also enables you to record mixes live with the comprehensive equalizer. For sure there are more features that you can enjoy freely. However, if you think that you want something better, you can purchase additional stuff to give you an even more interesting experience. And, this app also supports SoundCloud which means that you can upload and share your works with others across the globe easily.

djay 2

Being one of the most popular amongst iOS users, djay 2 released the Android version of the app and this has been getting the interests. One of the interesting facts about djay 2 is that this is integrated to Spotify. Like the other apps, this one comes with auto-mixing, various effects, pitch-bend, looping, and many more. Even though it is considered to be less popular than DJ Studio 5 (based on some claims) the fact that this comes with Spotify Integration makes the app as a great alternative to have.

Out of the three apps listed above, there are several more DJ apps that you can try including edjing Mix and Music Maker JAM. However, we put the three above as our top recommendations of the best DJ apps for Android because those three are simply rich with features and offer you unique experiences especially when you want to share your works through SoundCloud and Spotify.

Well, there are a lot more updates that you surely need to check. Please explore our pages for more pieces of information you need. Thank you for the visit and have fun.



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