How to Set Up 3 Monitors Windows 10 without a Sweat

3 Monitors Windows 10

When you ask yourself how to set up 3 monitors Windows 10, you need to answer this basic question first: Can Windows 10 support 3 monitors at once? Yes, it can. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, considering that such a powerful operating system is able to manage everything. Modern people today find out that doing multitasking work limited to a single screen alone is just too restrictive. That’s why multiple monitor configurations with different monitors can really make a difference.

About Multiple Monitors Setup

Having multiple monitors can be super handy when you need to view a lot of (and often different) kinds of info altogether, such as writing articles while doing research, comparing spreadsheets, coding while doing documentation, playing games, and so much more. It would be too much to move around too much or resize the windows again and again.

How to Set 3 Monitors

How to Set 3 Monitors

To access the management, press Windows and P on the keyboard. Then, you will see a sidebar having 4 options of:

  • PC screen only. This is when you only use the primary monitor
  • Duplicate. This is when you want the same image within all monitors
  • Second screen only. This is when you only use the second monitor
  • Extend. This is when you combine the images multiple monitors so you have a big and enlarge image desktop

When you want to use 3 monitors, make sure to choose the Extend option.

Now, here are the steps on how to setup 3 monitors Windows 10:

  • Choose Settings. And then choose System
  • Choose the option Display
  • Choose Identify for the drag and drop the overall displays. In this way, Windows will understand the way the displays are positioned physically
  • Choose the option Portrait or Landscape so you can change the display orientation
  • Then click the button Apply to save all the changes you have made
  • In the event that your computer can’t detect all of your 3 monitors, you need to press the button Detect.

Personalize the Setup

In this section, we will be talking about taskbar and wallpaper, especially in relation to extending the taskbar across different kinds of monitors. If you want to activate the feature, you need to:

  • Go to Desktop and then right-click on it. Then, choose Personalize
  • Choose Taskbar. When you see Show Taskbar on all Display, make sure to enable it
  • Feel free to choose how you want the (taskbar) buttons to appear. You can either choose a button to appear in the taskbar only or on all taskbar

Can you set up the wallpapers too? Absolutely! What about having 3 different wallpapers on each monitor? Or can you have different kinds of images that are shuffled randomly? Yes, you can do it all.

  • Go to Desktop and right-click on it. Choose Personalize
  • Choose Slideshows. You should be able to see the option Choose Albums for Your Slideshows. Then click Browse.
  • There will be the option Change Picture Every. Adjust the time
  • Enable Shuffle and then press Fill.
  • If you want the same image within 3 monitors, then choose Span.

As you can see, the process isn’t complicated at all. Once you find out how to set up 3 monitors Windows 10, you should be able to personalize the monitors conveniently.

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