How To Use Bluestacks For PC And Get Starting

How To Use Bluestacks

Playing games on your mobile phones can become fun and exciting. Sometimes it gets too exciting that people spend too much time on their phone making their eyes hurt. If you are one of these people, try playing the game on your PC. However, it is sure that many of you will be saying that the game is only available on the Android system. Well, now with the help of an emulator people can run their Android system through their PC. One of the famous and popular emulators people have been using these days is Bluestacks. So, how to use Bluestacks for PC and is Bluestacks safe to use?

Bluestacks is an Android emulator that can be used on your PC, to run games or other apps. The apps can be installed in both Windows and iOS systems. The main function of the app is to help run apps on a PC, which becomes larger and easier to see. If you’d like to give Bluestack a try, here are some steps on how to use Bluestacks for PC:

1. Download the App

The first thing you must do is download Bluestack on its official website. Just click the download button on the bottom part of the screen. Then run the .EXE file that appears on the screen. However, before downloading Bluestacks, make sure you are not missing the .NET framework. Because without it you can’t download the app. It will need some time to download the app, but the size of the app isn’t too big. So, it will not full your computer memory.

2. Sync with Your Phone

When you have finished installing, you will need to put in some data such as phone number and email. When you have entered your data in Bluestacks, the app will then send you a message to confirm the data. The message will also contain how to sync your PC with the phone. If you don’t receive a message, then you will usually receive a link to help sync the data.

3. Download the Apps you Need

Download the Apps on Bluestacks

The next step on how to use Bluestacks for PC is by downloading the apps that you want to use. To download the app, all you need to do is type the name of the app in the search bar. You can download almost any app that is available on Android or your phone.

4. Download Connector

Bluestacks can also be used to receive and send messages using a PC. To make it possible, you will need to download the Bluestacks Cloud Connect app on Google Play. After downloading the app, you will get a PIN to activate the connector. With these simple steps, you can then start texting messages with the app.

5. Start Using it

When all these steps are done, you can then start using your Bluestacks on your PC. To open an app, you just need to double click it and use it like you usually do. Then, operate the app as you use it on your mobile phone.

So, these are the steps on how to use Bluestacks for PC, easy and simple. Even though many people have been using them for games, there is more function of it. The company is still developing the app so there are fewer bugs and issues. However, overall the app is still useful and helpful for people who want to use the Android system on their PC.

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