3 Methods To Permanently Delete Text Message On Android

Even in these years, the text message is a favorite way of communication. Therefore, there are times we want to remove some private data or secret conversation in the text message. For that reason, we are often looking for some ways on how to permanently delete text message on Android.

Usually, this situation happens when we want to discharge the phone, either to pass it down or to sell it. We surely don’t want to pass along the text message with it. And manually deleting the text message is not a solution, because of there some recovery data software that can revive it back.

Manual delete through the text message setting is only a visual. The text data still stored on the Android phone and can be recovered back. Because of that, here are some ways to permanently delete the text message on your Android tablet or phone:

Permanently Delete Text Message On Android

Using Safewiper Android Eraser

This application is available for Windows and Mac. It will completely erase text message data or any other data with the algorithm used by the US Army. The algorithm works by overwriting the data. Thus, it will not be recoverable in the future. Here below is how to run this program:

  • Install the program then connect the phone to the computer via USB. In this step, don’t forget to enable the USB debugging on the Android phone.
  • Select Erase Private Data to permanently delete the text message.
  • There will be a preview to scan all text messages. You can select which one to delete, click Erase.
  • There will be a confirmation and type Delete to confirm. In this stage, there is a data wiping option to choose (high level, medium, and low) through the setting. Click Erase Now
  • The deep scan process is going to delete all the data (existed or deleted). The process will completely erase the text message.

Using Mobile Privacy Eraser

The program will professionally delete all the text message data from any Android phones. There are three erasing options, such as Erase Deleted Data, Erase Existing Data, Erase All Data. It also has various algorithms to make sure the throughout delete. Besides, the program is free and can run for both Windows and Mac. To delete text message using this program, here the steps:

  • Install and run the program on the computer,
  • Connect the Android device into the computer using the USB cable,
  • Choose the erasing type to scan the phone,
  • Once the scan process finished, choose the Message box and click Erase Now, and
  • After selecting the algorithm, type Erase then click Confirm to run the process.

Using Factory Reset

The last option in how to permanently delete text message on Android is using the factory reset. This method is only recommended if you’re going to give or sell the phone away. Because with factory reset will make the phone to its new condition, just like when you buy it new. The process will delete all the information stored on the phone.

To do the factory reset, open the Setting menu, click Back up and Reset then choose Factory Reset. Using this menu will erase all the data, not only the text message data. If you’re choosing this method, make sure to back up your other data beforehand.

Another way on how to permanently delete text message on Android is asking help to some service. But this method is not recommended. Better to do it yourself to make sure the data is no longer around.

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