Top Recommended DJ Mixer App for Android

Do you have an obsession to be a DJ? If so, you may have understood that buying the DJ stuff can be too much because there are a lot of types of equipment that you have to deal with. Besides, you also need to learn how to play everything and this can be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are DJ apps that you can install on your smartphone devices with interesting features to have fun with. Well, the following list presents the best DJ mixer app for Android that you surely need to try to keep the obsession alive.

Cross DJ

Cross DJ is claimed to be one of the first DJ apps on mobile devices. This one is rich of features so that you can create your own music comprehensively and play with your Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, the app is accurate enough in the BPM detection, track-sync, and beat-grid editing. There are five levels of pitch bending. If you think that the free version does not fulfill your needs, the in-app purchase offers you a lot more features that enable you to enjoy auto and external mixers as well as a bunch of sample packs. The in-app purchase is not cheap, but we have to tell you that this offers you interesting stuff, more than just going ads free.

DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 is one of the best DJ mixer apps for Android with tons of features. The great thing is that the free version, which is the main app, comes with no limitations or watermarks. You can play with eight sound effects and ten sample pads. This also enables you to record mixes live with the comprehensive equalizer. For sure there are more features that you can enjoy freely. However, if you think that you want something better, you can purchase additional stuff to give you an even more interesting experience. And, this app also supports SoundCloud which means that you can upload and share your works with others across the globe easily.

djay 2

Being one of the most popular amongst iOS users, djay 2 released the Android version of the app and this has been getting the interests. One of the interesting facts about djay 2 is that this is integrated to Spotify. Like the other apps, this one comes with auto-mixing, various effects, pitch-bend, looping, and many more. Even though it is considered to be less popular than DJ Studio 5 (based on some claims) the fact that this comes with Spotify Integration makes the app as a great alternative to have.

Out of the three apps listed above, there are several more DJ apps that you can try including edjing Mix and Music Maker JAM. However, we put the three above as our top recommendations of the best DJ apps for Android because those three are simply rich with features and offer you unique experiences especially when you want to share your works through SoundCloud and Spotify.

Well, there are a lot more updates that you surely need to check. Please explore our pages for more pieces of information you need. Thank you for the visit and have fun.



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