Best and Trusted Sources to Download Any Software

FileHippo can be the page that you really need. Downloading software for your PC, laptop, or smartphone can be one of your routines. You might need to get some additional applications for your gadget. Of course, there will be so many kinds of application that you need. Even though you will get all the software on its official page, it would be inefficient to download one by one. So, you have to know the best and trusted page to download many applications.

Download Many Software in FileHippo

You might need many applications at one time and it would be difficult to come to each official website and download the recent update of the application. So, the only thing that you need to do is finding the source where to download the apps. Then, where is the best place to go?

You have to know that FileHippo is the right place for downloading the apps that you need. You can search for every type of app that you want to download and install on your gadget. It can be the application for your work or only some entertainment application that can be useful in your boring time. Yes, you also can download any games in that page.

Actually, to download the application there, you have to know several things to do. To help you easier in reaching and downloading the application, you can access that site by following the steps below!

  • Visiting the Site

First of all, of course, you have to visit the site of FileHippo itself. In the beginning page of this website, you will already find many links to software or application that you will need to install on your gadget. Then, what you should do the next?

  • Search the Name

After you come to the right page of this site, you have to search the name of the software that you want to download. Make sure that you also know about the category of the files that you want to download, since it can be helpful to search it by the category of the application or software.

  • Start to Download

After you can find the software that you need, you have to make sure that the file is the right one. You have to cross check whether the name of the application is right or not. Do not forget to read the description of the application since it is something important for you. Then, start the download after you already sure with the file that you will download.

  • Install the App

If the download is already complete, you can start to install the application that you need. Make sure to not only careful in the downloading process, but you also have to watch out with the installment process. Make sure to read each instruction carefully, since sometimes it has something related to the setting of the software after you open it.

The Significances of Using FileHippo

Actually, using any specific site instead of the official website to download certain software or application can be dangerous. Yes, it can be the file is false and turn out to be any malware or virus. So, downloading any files should be done in the right source and the trusted one. Then, what do you want to know about the benefits of downloading the file on this popular website? If you still do not know about the benefits, please read the information below!

  • Many Applications or Software

Of course, the first benefit of this website is giving you many options for files to download. You can find based on the category or the other things that you need. You also can find based on the name of the application. From the software of photo editing up to games can be found in this website.

  • Trusted Website

The other thing that can be the benefit of downloading the files or applications from this source is that this website is the trusted one. Yes, this is very trusted since all the files that you get on this website are the real one. Nothing is a fake file on this website, so you do not need to worry about any malware or anything else.

  • Easy to Download

After you find this website and realize that you can find so many applications to install here, you also will be easy to download the files. You only need to follow any procedure of downloading in that page and make sure to be careful in each instruction, so you can completely downloading the file.

  • Time Efficiency

This is the other benefit of downloading your favorite application on this website. Yes, it would be a very efficient way for you. Especially, for you who are looking for more than one application, since you can find many applications in this site, you do not need to open and visit any other page to download what you want. So, with the easy procedure to download, it would be very helpful in time efficiency.

Those benefits are the benefits that you can get by visiting the page and downloading the applications that you want. As you think that the website is very helpful, do not forget to try to visit there and download the files from that source. Prove it by yourself that the website is totally helpful and you cannot forget to come to that website whenever you need to download and install a new application. FileHippo Software is the real solution for you to find the best application or to download software.

Best Smartwatch For Sports To Track Your Health

Keeping track of your health and your daily activity is now possible to do. Rather than having to note them manually, you can now use a smartwatch to help. These days, there is a technology named smartwatch where people can monitor what they do. A smartwatch can help monitor steps you have been walking, heart rate and even track how deep your sleep is. However, there is also SmartWatch that can connect directly to your smartphones too. One of the best smartwatch that many people are now seeking is Smartwatch for sports. Choose the best smartwatch for sports to track all your activities and see how healthy you are.

There is a wide range of smartwatches for sports that you can get in the market. The price also is very wide, some are very cheap, and some are very expensive. Therefore, before buying a smartwatch make sure that it comes with the features as you need. Buy a smartwatch for sports that can connect to your phone, so you can monitor your daily change. With these features, at least you can keep your activities record on your phone. Here are some recommendations for the best smartwatch for sports that you can consider buying:

1. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Garmin company came out and hit the market with its new product that people call the Garmin Vivocative 4. The watch comes with a GPS setting, where it can track how many steps you have been stepping. If you love running, this watch can also monitor your speed and the pace that you have been doing. To support your activities, connect your watch with your headset and phones to hear music. Then control the music you want from your watch and keep doing your activities. The only cons of this watch are the pricey price and few color options that it comes with.

2. Withings Move

Withings Move

If you are not into a digital smartwatch, then consider buying the Withings Move watch. At first sight, you will see that this watch is like a normal and traditional watch. However, the watch can track activities, track sleeping and detect if you are doing a workout. The watch is also waterproof, making it possible to wear in water or when you sweat. To record all your activities, then connect it to your phone and download their apps. Once they are connected, both the watch and phones will be synced.

3. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

A cheaper version of Garmin that you can consider buying is the Fitbit Versa 2. This is a fabulous device that comes with fitness features such as workout tracking and training activities. The watch will also monitor your heart rate throughout the day and track your sleep stages. You can know when you are deep sleeping or light sleeping if you wear the watch. So, overall this is the best smartwatch for sports to buy if you have a limited budget.

4. Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

Many people may know this brand as a fashion brand, however, they also produce a smartwatch for sports. The watch comes with features like any other smartwatch and can be connected to any smartphone. The battery of this gen is also quite long, so you won’t need to keep on charging it.

5. Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS

One of the amazing things from Amazfit GTS is that the battery can last up to 2 weeks. So, people can use them for any kind of activities without having to worry that the battery will run out. You can use the watch for running, walking or even swimming. If you have Wi-fi, the watch and phone will automatically sync and connect.

These are some of the best smartwatches for sports that you should consider buying. There are other brands that you can buy, however, they cost more and the features are not as complete. If you need more information on the best smartwatch you can consider visiting Sylvia Juncosa Best Product Review Site. On this website, you can get more detail and recommendation on smartwatch based on their functions.

How To Use Bluestacks For PC And Get Starting

How To Use Bluestacks

Playing games on your mobile phones can become fun and exciting. Sometimes it gets too exciting that people spend too much time on their phone making their eyes hurt. If you are one of these people, try playing the game on your PC. However, it is sure that many of you will be saying that the game is only available on the Android system. Well, now with the help of an emulator people can run their Android system through their PC. One of the famous and popular emulators people have been using these days is Bluestacks. So, how to use Bluestacks for PC and is Bluestacks safe to use?

Bluestacks is an Android emulator that can be used on your PC, to run games or other apps. The apps can be installed in both Windows and iOS systems. The main function of the app is to help run apps on a PC, which becomes larger and easier to see. If you’d like to give Bluestack a try, here are some steps on how to use Bluestacks for PC:

1. Download the App

The first thing you must do is download Bluestack on its official website. Just click the download button on the bottom part of the screen. Then run the .EXE file that appears on the screen. However, before downloading Bluestacks, make sure you are not missing the .NET framework. Because without it you can’t download the app. It will need some time to download the app, but the size of the app isn’t too big. So, it will not full your computer memory.

2. Sync with Your Phone

When you have finished installing, you will need to put in some data such as phone number and email. When you have entered your data in Bluestacks, the app will then send you a message to confirm the data. The message will also contain how to sync your PC with the phone. If you don’t receive a message, then you will usually receive a link to help sync the data.

3. Download the Apps you Need

Download the Apps on Bluestacks

The next step on how to use Bluestacks for PC is by downloading the apps that you want to use. To download the app, all you need to do is type the name of the app in the search bar. You can download almost any app that is available on Android or your phone.

4. Download Connector

Bluestacks can also be used to receive and send messages using a PC. To make it possible, you will need to download the Bluestacks Cloud Connect app on Google Play. After downloading the app, you will get a PIN to activate the connector. With these simple steps, you can then start texting messages with the app.

5. Start Using it

When all these steps are done, you can then start using your Bluestacks on your PC. To open an app, you just need to double click it and use it like you usually do. Then, operate the app as you use it on your mobile phone.

So, these are the steps on how to use Bluestacks for PC, easy and simple. Even though many people have been using them for games, there is more function of it. The company is still developing the app so there are fewer bugs and issues. However, overall the app is still useful and helpful for people who want to use the Android system on their PC.

How To Make A Clan In Destiny 2 And Become The Winner

How To Make A Clan In Destiny 2

The online game has many types that have a different way to play. One of the interesting online games that exist among gamers is Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is a multiplayer game that plays a group. But, there are two choices when you play Destiny 2. You can play solo or in a group (clan). Well, every player has their own choice to play this game. Some of them prefer to play solo or group. While in a group, the player can get some benefits. The benefits contain private chat with other members, weekly prices, and many others. Let’s find information about how to make a clan in Destiny 2.

Actually, there is no difficulty in making a clan or group in Destiny 2. There are two ways to make a clan or group in Destiny 2. Both ways are shown clearly in the previous paragraph special for gamers.

Making Clan of Destiny 2 Via Bungie Website

The first step on how to make a clan in Destiny 2 is by visiting the website After visiting the website, you need to login to your account of, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network. When you haven’t had your account yet or you forget the information such as the password of the account, you may make your account first. Then, after logging into your account, you may see the option Clan. You need to choose the option Clan.

Making Clan of Destiny 2 Via Bungie Website

After success in doing those steps, you should fill in your clan information such as the clan’s name, the short name which is being the report of the post-game display, motto, and also short introductory writing to your member. In addition, you can set the rule whether or not the member may join as your clan or you can invite other members or your clan is open to all players. Then, you have to build your own clan. All of the settings you can arrange as you want.

Making Clan of Destiny 2 Via Destiny 2 Companion App

The second way on how to make a clan in Destiny 2 is by Companion App. If you haven’t had the companion app yet, you should download it first. Then, install Destiny 2 inside the companion app. You can easily find it both in IOS or Android. Next, log in to your account or make a new account with Xbox live,, or PlayStation network.

Making Clan of Destiny 2 Via Destiny 2 Companion App

In the next step, you will see the option clan on the bottom of the screen. Then, click that button and create a clan. After that, you should complete the information and setting of the clan the same as the previous way. You can set everything you want as via the bungie website. Thus, everything is finished and the clan has already made it.

Those are the information about how to make a clan in Destiny 2. Build and make your clan while taking many benefits from it and be the winner. Try the way that is suitable for you. Both of those ways are good and easy to try. Good luck.

How To Use Lemongrass In Culinary, 5 Ways!

Lemongrass In Culinary

Lemongrass is a stalk plant which easily found in a tropical area, especially in the south side of Asia. If you go to most Asian grocery stores, you must see it lay in the fresh herbs area. Asian people usually add lemongrass in their cooking. They know very well how to use lemongrass, so it gives a zesty lemon aroma and flavor.

How to Use Lemongrass in Culinary As Asian Does

Indonesian, Thai, Sri Lanka, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and other Asian dishes use lemongrass in the soup or dessert. Sometimes it is served with spicy food or fresh sour taste. In addition, besides being used in the kitchen, lemongrass is also valued for medicine. There are wide varieties of herbal medicine that contains lemongrass. But in this article, we only discuss how to use lemongrass in Asian dishes. See the tips below:

  • Cutting in Small Pieces

You can use the entire part of lemongrass, except for the lower bulb. You must cut that lower part in about 2 inches from the end. After that, the rest is yours, starts from the leaves until the stalk. Cut into small pieces or depend on the dish. Some people cut the stalk in larger pieces and not to be eaten. It is considered for a stronger flavor before serving.

  • Discard the Dry Parts

Sometimes you find one or two lemongrasses with dried leaves or stalk. It is okay, just discard that part which usually found at the bottom of the stalk. If the lemongrass is too long placed out of the refrigerator, it is often the inner stalk that gets dried too. Also, trim the root is commonly done until the purple ring appears.

  • Refine with Food Processor

The structure of lemongrass is so firm and fibrous. It is better for you to process in a little further using a food processor (or chopper). Or, if you don’t have those machines, just use the pestle and pound it. Do this after you sliced the lemongrass. The thicker slice is sometimes difficult to eat. It makes someone who is enjoying your dish will spit it out of the dish.

  • Boil the Lemongrass

As mentioned before, you can use the whole part of the lemongrass. Following this method is usually done by people in making lemongrass tea. But you can also find this in Asian soup. Choose the tougher part and boil it for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can keep the rest for another cooking.

  • Looping Leaves into the Rings

This is the other method of how to use lemongrass. When you find the dried lemongrass leaves, try to loop into the rings and hanging them. Once you make a soup or tea, add the rings into the pan or pot. Some people prefer to use dried leaves because it works in a savory broth and tasteless punch.

Thinking on Planting Lemongrass

Although you can store-bought lemongrass, some might want to grow it in the backyard. To do that, it will be better if you can mimic its natural environment, which is a tropical climate. But if it’s hard to do, there are several ways you can do to make this plant survive. Thus, you can get this herb in its fresh condition any time, after knowing how to harvest lemongrass.

Aside from cooking, there are many ways on how to use lemongrass. Because of its benefits, people also use it for its fragrant for aromatherapy and also beauty. Not to mention, it’s beneficial for health.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Review and 7 Best Things of It!

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn

When you work in the office, printing is one of the essential tasks you have to do. Without printing, tasks such as sending files and doing presentation won’t be done. Hence, your office needs a printer that suits your necessity. What is it? Drop your choice on HP LaserJet Pro M130fn.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Features

Let’s take a look at the features!

All-In-One Machine

Yes, when you buy HP LaserJet Pro M130fn, you won’t get a mere printing device. Moreover, you’ll get a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine altogether. While most companies have separate machines to do these jobs, your office would be lucky to buy an all-in-one machine.

Aside from saving the space, using this all-in-one printer will help save energy even well. Rather than paying electricity bills for 4 machines, you just need to pay for one.

Work Efficiently

The primary feature HP LaserJet Pro M130fn has is to work efficiently. You don’t need to question its printing capability. It could print up to 23 papers per minute, with the first out paper on 7.3 seconds. The resolution is also good, with a maximum of 1200 dpi. Meanwhile, the copier, as well as the scanner and fax, have the same quality. In short, every device on this printer has the capability to make works done faster.

Laser Printing Technology

Are you still using a conventional printing machine? Go get yourself a new HP LaserJet Pro M130fn. Like the name, this printer allows you to print with laser technology. This technology would help you print works even clearer. Since the method of laser printing nearly the same with the scanner. So if you love to get detailed pictures on your printings, choosing this printer is the best way you can do.

HP LaserJet Pro M130fn Specs

Jet Intelligence Cartridge

Aside from the laser technology, all HP printers – including HP LaserJet Pro M130fn – have an innovation called the JetIntelligence technology. JetIntelligence is applied on the cartridge just like its AI. If you use printers with the technology, you don’t need to worry about damaging your cartridge. When the ink on the cartridge is used up, your printer will refuse to print. The cartridge would stay still until you fill up the ink.

Best Resolution Scanning Image

Want to have a scanner that allows you to scan a wide image? This printer could do it just by a flip-and-click. You just need to flip the opener, put the paper you want to scan and wait some seconds. Tada! Not only could do fast printing, but HP LaserJet Pro M130fn also can give you a scanned image with high resolution.

Astonishing Monthly Capabilities

When you’re choosing a printer for office use, make sure it could cope up with your office’s duty. This awesome printer could do it, of course. It could print up to 10 thousand papers in a month. The scanner, as well as the copier, also has the same capability. And I tell you, the fax machine could save documents up to 1000 pages.

Energy Saving

Last but I’m sure you’ll think it’s important: HP LaserJet Pro M130fn is a tremendous energy saver. When it’s on sleep mode, it just uses 1-watt electricity. Cool, right?

That’s all the seven features you can get when you choose this printer. So no need to be doubted anymore and go to the HP store right now!

Cool Ideas Instagram Captions For Promotion

Instagram Captions For Promotion

Nowadays, online promotion is more popular than the offline promotion. Especially, with the help of social media like Instagram and also Youtube, you can write zero in the promotional budget. The reason is this media can display visual for both picture and video. Not to mention, Instagram captions also have a significant role in displaying the message you want to convey.

Many people take advantage of Instagram to promote, either commercial or non-commercial. Because of Instagram has more than one billion active users engaging in each month, the chance of more people would see the promotion post is getting bigger. And while posting a promotional post, you should never leave the caption section bare. You can optimize the promotion by utilizing the caption.

Instagram Captions For Promotion

To do that, here some cool ideas to write the caption for your promotional Instagram post:

  1. Be Engaging


The first rule in posting a promotion content in Instagram is that you should engage the people in general – your followers or passerby to your post. For example, you have an apparel shop, and as spring is coming, you’re posting some outfit pictures. Then in the caption section, you can include a simple question such as ‘… so tell us which one is spring outfit fave: 1, 2, 3, or 4?’ or ask them to put leave some comment if there are none of their choices. And also, try to reply the comment as often as you can.  

  1. Witty and Smart Caption

To make your brand more appealing, you have to appear smart and intelligence in what you post. One sure thing you can do is by writing some witty caption. Some illustration you may try is writing a famous quote or song lyric which people know, but stir it in your style. Or you may also give a hint or sassy. For instance, if you’re trying to sell perfume, you can write ‘… a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it’s time to get you other fragrant…’ in the caption.

  1. Story Telling

Story Telling

Another idea to write a good Instagram caption for promotion is by story-telling. This method is suitable for many uses in promotional posts. If you’re trying to lure audience for some charity gigs, then you can tell the purpose of why and for whom you held the event.  Or if it’s about commercial promotion, tell a particular story about someone with the product and its impact. It can be a heartwarming story or funny story, depend on how you want to deliver it.

  1. Address the Readers as Second Person

The last idea in this list is to address the people who read your caption in second person pronoun. That way, it will build closeness and make a connection. People would feel included as if you’re in direct conversation with them. This can lead your post to get more response because of the direct-but-indirect caption slash conversation you write.

You can try to apply the ideas from the list above to make your Instagram captions for promotion. Another good strategy point in promoting your product is to build a fanbase. This strategy often used by authors, filmmakers, and others. With building a fanbase, you would create an exclusive world that would attract more people to want to be a part of it.

The Best Way To Fix Youtube Freezing In Browser

Youtube Freezing

Since watching youtube is a new way to entertain your self, all browser may tired and make the video doesn’t run well. Sometimes it freezes and makes the audio heard without the picture. But don’t worry if you face this problem, because there are some steps to fix the youtube freezing problem.

How To Fix Youtube Freezing In Browser

Reload The Page

The easiest thing to do first is reloading the page, or reboot the browser. This is like a spontaneous thing that may occur when there is trouble while browsing. Here are some steps to do that.

  1. Press Reload. In chrome browser, reload button is on the left side, near the address bar. Click it once, and wait for the result. This button doesn’t need to press twice or more. Because the more you click it, the process may restart again and again. Then the page will slower to load.
  2. Wait And See. This process may take some seconds or minutes. It depends on the network or wifi speed. If the video still not run well, then try the next step.

Reboot The Browser

Reboot The Browser

When the first tips not work, and the youtube still freezing, try to reboot the browser. There is a simple step to do this.

  1. Close Browser. Save all of your works before closing the browser. After that, press the close button, on the right side of the screen. Wait for a few seconds before opening it again.
  2. Open Browser Again. The next steps to do is opening the browser. Click on the browser icon at the desktop or from program panel. Wait until the program is run well.
  3. Open A Youtube Video. The last things to do is typing the youtube address. After that, try to open a video. If it still stuck, try to access another website which contains video too.

Just in case the problem is not on your computer. If all website still freezing like Youtube, you may try the last tips below.

Clear Cache And Cookies

Cache and cookies will always increase every time you access the website. And sometime when it full or almost full, it will affect the browser ‘s works. One problem that may be happening is the youtube freezing moment. Follow these steps to clear the cache and cookies in chrome.

  1. Press Menu or Setting Button. The menu button in chrome is located on the right side of the address bar. In the bottom of the close button. Click this button and, you will see some options. Such as new tab, new window, history, download, and etc. Choose a setting button in this menu options, and click it.
  2. Find The “Clear Browsing Data” Button. Then, there will be a new page that contains the setting. Scroll it down, and press advanced button. There you can see the button. You can click it, then check the boxes that contain some statement. They are about clearing browsing data, cookies and cached files.
  3. Confirm Clear Data. Then, confirm to delete by pressing the clear data button. Wait for a second, this process may take some seconds to minutes depending on the amount of data erased.

After finishing these tips, reboot browser and then try to reopen youtube videos. Make sure your connection is strong and good enough to load the data from videos. Then, your youtube freezing problem is gone.